The Best Positive Classroom Management for the Whole Class

As we get further along into the school year, classrooms can often succumb to distractions and waning engagement. However, positive classroom management tools can provide an effective way for teachers everywhere to regain student attention and enthusiasm! Read more about a powerful and positive classroom management tool for the whole class. It has been used successfully with thousands of students!
Two years ago, my class was starting to get pretty squirrely….and it was the beginning of November. I knew I had to do something to stay sane until Thanksgiving break. So, I printed out a turkey and some feathers. The idea was that students had to earn a certain amount of feathers and they would get a class reward. They voted on a comfy movie day for our one day of school the week of Thanksgiving and I *might* have made sure they earned it. (*wink* *wink*)

Since that original whole class incentive, I have heard so much amazing feedback from teachers all over the world who have found success using them in their classrooms. Here are some frequently asked questions and more information so you can see if it might work for you!

What are Positive Behavior Incentives?

Each Positive behavior incentives include a display of a classroom goal, expected behaviors, and a whole group reward that students will earn when they reach their goal along with a themed saying about positive behavior. The visuals not only track the progress towards the goal but also helps students stay motivated towards reaching it! Since it changes monthly, the novelty keeps it exciting and the engagement doesn’t wear off.

Each incentive resource includes everything to make a full-blown bulletin board but you can pick and choose how much you want to include!

How do you decide on a goal?

When I change out the display for the month, I take the time to sit down with my class and have a chat about what is going well in our classroom and what needs some work. I typically have 10-12 of the behavior pieces already printed out and ready to go. We talk about a realistic goal and how much time we have to reach it. It is definitely a group decision but I would anticipate earning 1 behavior feather (or light, mitten, heart ect.) every 1-2 days. So if you have 15 school days in December, a good goal might be 7 or 8.

Since February is short (and usually includes some snow days), we kept the goal lower this month.

How many and what kinds of positive behaviors are included?

There are over 20 specific behaviors including lining up quietly, a positive report from specials, cleaning up the classroom, and manners at lunch. There are also editable pieces that you can type or write your own behaviors!

What rewards are included?

Just like all of the behavior choices, there are many reward options included–18 to be exact! They range from lunch in the classroom to a STEM activity. Some of them are seasonal (Shamrock shakes in March, hot cocoa in January ect.) As always, you can adjust to fit your needs or create your own! But I tried to include as many as possible and rewards that cost little or no money for you.

Will this help promote positive classroom management?

Whole-class incentives are a powerful and positive classroom management tool for the whole class. It will promote positive behavior and can be a great way to steer the ship in the right direction. However, it’s not a substitute for a classroom with high expectations and clear routines and procedures. If you need some additional resources for behavior management, you can check out more here.
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