Setting Up A Writing Center

Preparing a writing center always felt extremely daunting. Where will I store everything? How do I keep it stocked? Am I going to be able to teach students not to blow through all of the supplies? Will they even look at the examples, vocabulary words, writing ideas? Who will keep

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My First 3 Writing Lessons of the School Year

I love writing. Teaching writing is a different story. But, I am slowly evolving from a wanting-to-control-everything writing teacher to a let-them-write-and-guide-them teacher. Letting them write is the key. And I struggle with keeping my mini-lessons mini. I talk way too much. It’s something I am working on. So let’s

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3 Ways to Include Phonics into a Literacy Block

Phonics skills aren’t the most exciting to teach. Do you have to follow a phonics curriculum? We have a pretty scripted routine we are required to follow.  However, I know my students need additional opportunities to practice reading and recognizing phonics skills beyond that isolated instruction. So how else can we

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