Teach Suffix -ly with Simple Rules, Examples, and Activities

Understanding suffixes is a crucial aspect of developing strong language skills. One of the most common and versatile suffixes is -ly. Teaching students how to add suffix -ly to words can enhance their writing, allowing them to express ideas more precisely. In this post, we will explore simple rules, provide

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How to Effectively Teach the 6 Different Syllable Types

Teaching syllables can be a tricky task. It requires planning, creativity, and an understanding of the various syllable types to engage students in learning what can often be considered a tedious topic. Whether your student is just starting out or further along in their reading journey, it’s important for all

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How to Use One Page Phonics Intervention

You need a simple solution to target your students’ reading needs. With One Page Phonics Intervention, students will work on their phonological awareness, encoding, and decoding. This is a helpful tool for identifying the breakdown while practicing these foundational reading skills. Let’s chat about how to use this no-prep intervention

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