Smart Strategies for Success with Math Fact Fluency

Hey 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teachers! 
Does this sound like your classroom?

Students are struggling with basic fluency.

Differentiating for so many levels feels impossible.

Lack of fluency is slowing down more complex math lessons.

There's not enough time in the day to practice math facts.

Students are lacking motivation.

Students are not getting daily practice.

Fast Fact Academy is the solution.

Let's address the gaps in fact fluency with smart solutions that will leave you and your students feeling successful. 

What You'll Learn

Do your students struggle with math facts? Fast Fact Academy will help! This unique program offers smart strategies and practice materials to help students master their math facts. We make learning fun, too! With engaging games and activities, your students will stay engaged and motivated.

Ensure Student Success

  • Learn strategies to support all learners
  • Develop and implement consistent systems
  • Ideas to Differentiate and Enrich
  • Make math fact practice fun!

What's Included?

Module 1

What is Math Fact Fluency?


Let's take a deep dive into the importance of math fact fluency, what it looks like and how it will positively impact your classroom!



 → The CRA Learning Process

 → 4 Fluency Phases

 → The Role of Accuracy, Efficiency, and Flexibility

Module 2

Assessment, Planning, and Procedures


In order to know where we are going, we have to know where to begin. Let's make plans to support students with thoughtful routines and procedures!



→ Utilizing assessment to identify a starting point

→ Developing plans for classroom math fact routines

→ How to fit in daily practice

☆ Bonus Gifts ☆ Fluency Phases Tracking Sheet + Small Group Lesson Planning Template
1:1 Assessment + Addition and Subtraction Strategies Checklists

Module 3

Fast Fact Folders


Join 4,000+ educators in implementing this consistently effective daily math fact practice! Fast Fact Folders have proven success for students in 1st-4th grade.



 → Overview of Fast Fact Folders & Materials

 → Options for use

 → Tips and tricks for training your students to be independent (and successful!)

Module 4

Differentiation: Learning for ALL

What if my students continue to struggle? What happens if they reach mastery? Supporting students in every level of readiness is a delicate balancing act.


 →Intervention solutions

 →Opportunities for enrichment

☆ Bonus Gift ☆ If/Then RTI and Enrichment Choice Menu

Module 5

Get Your Game On!


There are many ways to make learning math facts more engaging! Games and hands-on activities are the perfect way to keep students interested and engaged.



 → 10+ Games & Activities 

 → 5 Tips for Increasing Motivation

☆ Bonus Gift ☆ Gameboards and materials
Perfect for Centers, Small groups and Whole group

AMAZING Bonus Resources

TRANSFORM your students into math fact masters

SHARPEN best practices for teaching math facts

SAVE time and maximize your math lessons

DEVELOP systems for tracking student growth

What Educators are saying about Fast Fact Folders

Stephanie A., 1st Grade Teacher

I cannot say enough good things about Fast Facts!! I searched for a fun way to practice math facts daily - each kiddo at their own level - without knowing they were at different levels -- THIS IS IT! Now, timed materials can be a bad thing, I've had parents complain that timed work gives their kids anxiety and I get that! But it all depends on how it is delivered. THIS WORKS. This is FUN. Every single one of my first graders LOVE fast facts! They are all at their own level and they don't really figure out who is ahead and who is behind - they just know that everyone is in a different group and sometimes those groups change. For my very low learners, I would use touch-math fact sheets in the same fast facts folder - no one knows what the ranking is -- towards the end of the year, some of them started figuring it out. But if it takes all year - and we only do fast facts for one minute every day - there isn't time to talk about it - the kids don't figure it out overall - it works! They see their growth! They are proud! THANK YOU for making math fact practice fun!

Susan B., 2nd grade teacher

This was an amazing tool to help grow my classes addition and subtraction! They are able to do it mentally so much faster after using it for the whole school year.

Cara L., 3rd grade teacher

I was looking for a way for my students to practice their addition and subtraction facts to 20 that was quick, easy, and that I could differentiate. This was the perfect solution. My students are enjoying practicing their facts. Having them set a goal on how many they're going to complete is great. Definitely worth the $. A little bit of work to set up, but once everything is photocopied, it is quick and easy.

Course ONLY

value $75

$47 . 00

Already own Fast Fact Folders? This is the perfect option for you!
  • All 5 Course Modules
  • Fluency Phases + Tracker
  • Quick Assessment
  • Strategies Checklists
  • Choice Boards
  • 10+ Games and materials
  • Certificate of Completion

Course + Fast Fact Folders

value $90

$57 . 00

Fast Fact Folders included for an exclusive price! 
  • Addition & Subtraction Fast Fact Folders
  • All 5 Course Modules
  • Fluency Phases + Tracker
  • Quick Assessment
  • Strategies Checklists
  • Choice Boards
  • 10+ Games and materials
  • Certificate of Completion

Course + Fast Fact Folders Payment Plan

$30 . 00

for 2 months

Get it all for 2 monthly payments of $30
  • Addition & Subtraction Fast Fact Folders
  • All 5 Course Modules
  • Fluency Phases + Tracker
  • Quick Assessment
  • Strategies Checklists
  • Choice Boards
  • 10+ Games and materials
  • Certificate of Completion


I teach 4th grade. Is this the right course for me?While the Fast Fact Folder system does have options for multiplication and division, this particular course is focused on addition and subtraction. If you are looking for solutions to reach learners who are still working to master addition and subtraction, this will be a great fit. However, if you are looking for something more geared towards multiplication and division, this course does not focus on those operations.

My district uses a fact fluency program. Will this course still help?This course includes 5 modules. One module focuses specifically on the Fast Fact Folder system. However, the other 4 modules are full of important information about research-based best practices, assessment, and planning, differentiation, and games! It can definitely be a great supplemental resource for your existing math fact fluency program.

How long will I have access to the videos?Once you purchase Fast Fact Academy, you will have lifetime access to the course and videos! That means that any future updates or materials added to the course are included free!

Does this count as professional development credit?All class participants will receive a 2-hour professional development certificate after they finish watching the course videos. Because every district is different, you will need to check with your administrator to ensure approval of your time.

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