6 Ways to Use Interactive Math Task Cards

The shift to virtual and hybrid learning meant a new need for digital resources. Teaching math without access to manipulatives and restricted ability to see students solving problems in real time creates challenges. Using task cards in the classroom have always been one of my favorite tools in any subject

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Why I Can’t Do Guided Math

Okay, so my title is a little dramatic. I may have fibbed just a bit.  I can do guided math. I have done guided math. I still do guided math. But I can’t commit to it every day. And so I don’t always teach math the same way. I….wait for it….change

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Ideas for Building Math Fact Fluency

Practicing math facts can be dull and boring OR fun and engaging. I know my 2nd grade team is ALWAYS in search of new ways of practicing and assessing math facts. It is crucial that our students master these foundational skills in order to be successful mathematicians. Here are a

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