5 Ways to Stay Sane until Thanksgiving Break

This school year has been Tough with a capital T so far. 
And it has been a long, long time since a 3 day weekend (see: Labor Day).
I asked the following question a week ago…

{the answer is NO}

If you feel like you are on a treadmill going too fast and also that treadmill is underwater and you are drowning, you are probably a teacher and here are a few things you can try to make it to Thanksgiving break alive ; )

1. Find your anthem and play it as many times as it takes to make you feel better.  This has been mine: “Garden Party” by Ricky Nelson.  You are welcome to borrow it.

2. Binge printing. Since I bought an HP Instant Ink printer, my life happiness has increased 6.8% (The average is 5%.)  Now I print like there is no tomorrow.  The best part? Printing has no calories!!  There is just something about no limitations on everything I want to print that makes me happy.  It is almost like retail therapy but cheaper.

{sometimes I even print my plans in color #becauseican #sorrynotsorry}

If you want to know more about HP Instant Ink, read this awesome post from A Teachable Teacher.

3. Do some team bonding.  Go out to dinner with your colleagues.  Buy matching shirts to flaunt on dress down Fridays.  Send a ridiculous amount of group texts griping or celebrating about anything and everything school and family. Get your troubles off your chest and have a laugh.  Bring a special treat for lunch. ANYTHING to show your school family you care and also to commiserate with the ones who understand the most.

{I purchased these from Spiritopia on Etsy}

4. Start a new whole class incentive.  Have the reward be a movie and make sure they earn it.  Plan it for the day before Thanksgiving break and then everyone wins.

{Find the materials for this incentive here}

When all else fails…
5. Match their excitement. Stop fighting it and join in.  #ifyoucantbeatum Jump up and down to countdown to turkey day.  Plan FUN, engaging activities {see my plans for this week here} and remind yourself why you are losing your mind.  You are a teacher and it is Tough with a capital T. But you will have everything to be thankful for this Thanksgiving break.

Happy Teaching!

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