6 Easy Ways to Use Interactive Math Task Cards in the Classroom

 Task cards, like many other teaching resources, have gone digital! And there are many different ways to utilize them in your math block and beyond. Read to the end to snag your free copy of these 2 Digit Addition Word Problem Interactive Task Cards!

# 1″I do” Part of the Lesson

Project the task cards on your whiteboard or share your screen in Zoom. Use the card to model part of the lesson. Think aloud through each step. Since you won’t need to use all the task cards (they come with 24-30 in each pack), it’s perfect to align the teacher modeling with what students will be doing for independent practice.

Use the task cards on a second device and share the screen from that device. It makes it easier to manipulate tools and draw on the screen. 


#2 Independent Practice

Speaking of independent practice, these task cards are perfect for students to show their understanding after the lesson. I would not assign the entire set at one time. Break it up over a few days. This is optimal for retaining information and provides a perfect tool for checking for understanding. 

You can easily differentiate by assigning only a certain number of problems. 


#3 Partner Work

Sharing a device, students can work together to solve the task cards as a collaborative effort! This is great especially if you aren’t 1:1 with devices. 

#4 Daily Warm Up

Interactive Math Task cards make for a perfect warm-up to review previously taught skills. You could do one as a whole group or display one for students to complete using a whiteboard, in a math notebook or on pencil and paper. 

After allowing students to work for 3-5 minutes on their own, use the warm-up problem to work through together. Have students share their thinking and strategies. I always like to reiterate that there are many ways to get to one answer.

#5 Formative Assessment

Use one of the slides as a “ticket out the door”. You will be able to tell right away who “gets it”. It provides the perfect formative assessment for planning small groups, reviewing, and reteaching. And since it’s just one slide, it’s quick! 

#6 Whole Class Game

If you know me, you know this one is my favorite! You can use these task cards in conjunction with any whole class game! Some of my favorites are Connect 4, Zip Zap Zop, and Memory Games. Simply pose one of the math task cards for students to answer (they can be in teams or play against you!), then choose a student to share their response. A correct response = take a turn in the game. It’s my favorite way to keep engagement high while practicing important skills!

These interactive games work perfectly with a set of task cards! In this “Apple Picking” game, students answer a question and then pick an apple. Under each apple is a point value. You can type the player or team’s score in the box next to the avatar. Find more games like these.
Ready to try out some Interactive Math Task Cards for FREE? 




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