How to Play Virtual Valentine’s Day Bingo

Valentine’s day, like every other holiday for the last year, will look very different. Our school is allowing a Valentine exchange with a few stipulations–
  • Valentines have to be sent in by a certain date so they can sit before being handed out.
  • No homemade treats (honestly, I think this is a good rule any year).
  • Washing hands before and after handing valentines out. Masks and social distancing (obviously).
  • Only pre-packaged food items (which nixes my Valentine’s Day popcorn bar I love to do–so sad!).

With all of the new restrictions, you might be scrambling to figure out what you can do safely while still having fun on Valentine’s Day in the classroom. Why not play some virtual Valentine Bingo?!

Here’s how you can make this work (virtually or in person!).
Students will need 1:1 devices and a basic knowledge of moving an object in Google Slides. Even if you think they know how to do this already, a mini-tutorial certainly doesn’t hurt. Feel free to use my video with your students to review how to create the board by dragging and dropping the objects.
Decide ahead of time if you want each student to open their own copy of an individual board OR have everyone assigned to a board within the same Google Slide document. I’ve included both versions for you to choose from.
Once students have the slide on their screen, they will need to create their own board. I’ve included 24 images for students to arrange on their board in any way they like. It might be a good idea to set a timer so students don’t waste 30 minutes arranging the images. Maybe do this as homework, the day before or earlier in the day before playing so it doesn’t hold up the game.
Everyone’s ready to play! Students will use the bingo markers (circles) to mark their space. I’ve included a ready-to-go spinner. I would display this on the screen. Spin for an image and have students put their marker on the space. Remind students they may NOT move objects around their board during the game. This is an advantage to all playing in one Google Slide doc, you can keep an eye on things!
Continue spinning until someone calls Bingo! I love this spinner because you can remove the object from it after it’s been called. And, I just adore the sound effects!
You can find everything you need to play Valentine Bingo here.
If bingo isn’t your style or your students don’t have 1:1 devices,  I have even more themed digital games that can be used as a whole group on Zoom or Google Meets. You can use them in the classroom as well with an interactive whiteboard —> 5 Valentine’s Day interactive games.
Happy Valentine’s Day! 
Stay Safe & Sassy,
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