Favorite FREE Thanksgiving Activities for the Classroom

Hope you are surviving the long haul until Thanksgiving Break.  In my district, we do parent-teacher conferences the Tuesday before Turkey day.  So, on one hand, you are excited about those much-deserved days off. On the other, it is stressful to think about all the work that goes into prepping for and holding 20+ conferences in one day. If you are looking for some activities to get you through, here are my five favorite free Thanksgiving activities!

November Library

November is a busy month for classrooms. With Thanksgiving and the holidays around the corner, there is a lot to get done. However, virtual libraries can be an effective and quick way to integrate November-themed books into the classroom. Virtual libraries are easy to use and offer a wide variety of books to choose from. They are a convenient way to incorporate November reading into the classroom. Best of all, I’ve made virtual libraries you can download for free for every month of the year! So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add November reading to your classroom, consider using a virtual library.

Grab your *FREE* Virtual Libraries for Google Slides and Seesaw here.

Thanksgiving Dinner Shopping

“The best part of Thanksgiving is shopping for the food.” said no person ever.  I saw all the fixings for Thanksgiving when I went shopping today and, even though I love to eat it all, seeing it in the store made me overwhelmed! I am just not at the stage in my life where I could handle all that prep! #thankgoodnessformyparents
Shopping for Thanksgiving Dinner {A Math Activity}

BUT kids do enjoy it! Even if it is just for pretend.  This shopping for Thanksgiving activity by Blair Peterson gets everyone hungry and practicing real world math so it is a win win!  Students have a budget for shopping and get to choose what to buy.  Then they must add it all up and make sure they didn’t go over.  It is always so funny to see what they buy.  You always have the one who doesn’t get any turkey-ha! #nomeatthanksgiving #nothankyou


One thing my team does to stay sane is Thanksgiving rotations.  We each (5 of us) pick an activity to prep then rotate our classes which usually takes the whole day.  I pretend I teach middle school and do the same thing 5 times throughout the day! It’s fantastic and the kids love it.  Last year I did this roll-a-turkey by Cori Bloom which you can find for free here—> Roll A Turkey

Place Value Turkeys

Next up is from my talented friend, Lauren, at Teaching in Stripes.  I am ALWAYS looking for engaging ways for students to show their place value knowledge.

How stinkin’ cute is that turkey?! What I love is how you can so EASILY differentiate this activity for all levels of learners! Just assign different numbers and BAM–fits all the needs.
Cute craft with a purpose–my fav!
You can never have enough turkeys! Pick this one up here in her TpT store for FREE!

Thanksgiving Break Reflection

This last freebie won’t necessarily help you before Thanksgiving but it is definitely a great activity to reflect on after the break!  We all know the kids want to share all about what they did so it is a perfect time to encourage some writing!  I really enjoyed reading all about their breaks last year and it made me giggle when I read that the best thing one of my kiddos ate was pizza. #obviouslynotafanofturkey
Click here or on the picture to grab this freebie!

I hope you found something you can use! I hope you enjoy my favorite free Thanksgiving activities for the classroom!

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