Why I Am Not Dreading the End of Summer

I love summer as much as the next teacher.  This past school year felt like I was running a marathon (and I really don’t like to run).  If you know me, you know it was my first year in my own classroom and I had a baby the first week of school.  I barely kept my head above water and I know most first year teachers also feel like this.

But, one very wise teacher I once worked with said, “June always comes.”  And it did. 

June rolled around and I could breath and spend time with my baby (now 11 months old).  We could take leisurely walks to the park and around Target.  I couldn’t sleep in per say but I did catch a few extra minutes of relaxation in the morning and even some afternoon naps. We had play dates. I caught up with friends.  I went to wineries on weeknights! It was glorious.

But, August always comes too. And I am choosing not to spend my last few weeks sulking.

I thought more than once about how lucky I am to have this time to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with my family and friends.  Spending precious days with my soon-to-be toddler is priceless.

But just as I cannot prevent him from growing older, I cannot summon an endless summer.  Thankfully, I have rested, vacationed and now with slightly sun-kissed skin, I feel ready to prepare for a new school year.  I even did some planning, too! At a leisurely pace, of course : )

June may have come but my teacher brain never shut off. (ha!)  I screenshoted (is that a word?) soooo many images from other amazing teachers on Instagram, I think they may outnumber my actual photos on my phone.  But I am so grateful because now when I step into my classroom next week, I have some direction about where I want to start.  I also have my entire first week of ideas planned out and a clear vision for the first month of school.  After a year of winging it minute by minute occasional last minute planning, I can’t wait to have a grip on where to start and where we are going!
3 of my favorite summer screenshots
Learning in Wonderland shares more useful information than most of my college education classes! Seriously, one smart, talented teacher!

I love how Miss DeCarbo incorporates reading skills (inferencing seen here) into other subjects (like science!).  She used this activity as an activating strategy for a new unit!

Teacher Trap nails it with this anchor chart! This is one of the biggest issues in my classroom and  I am so thankful for this solution!
What’s your favorite takeaway from this summer?
It’s plain and simple.  I adore the ladies I work with.  My 2nd grade team is strong, supportive and full of laughs!! Our group text game is on point ; ) And although we did chat over the last few months and got together, I can’t wait to see them and lunch with them for the next 180+ days!!
I wish I had a picture : (  #goalsforthisyear
With every new season, we can better appreciate the last.  This summer was filled with nurturing friendships, old and new.  I also had the opportunity to learn so much from the wonderful teachers at the TpT Orlando conference.  
Summer 2016 will definitely be remembered as a time of growth and change.
My favorite girls in Orlando: Becky (The Class Couple), Lauren (Teaching in Stripes), me, Caitlin (Cait’s Cool Scool), Alleah (Alleah Maree).
Last, but not least, the feeling of a new start.  Not many people get to experience that with their careers every.single.year.  We, as teachers, have the amazing opportunity to let go of the past and focus on moving forward with new students, a newly decorated/organized/rearranged classroom, maybe some new curriculum but most importantly a fresh attitude and positive outlook.  I can’t wait!!
What are you looking forward to this school year?!

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