5 Effortless Classroom Activities to Try Out This February

February is jam-packed with holidays and short on actual days. It can be hard to fit it all in–especially if you’re feeling low on energy. There are still plenty of effortless ways to have fun in your classroom this February. Planning fun activities does not have to be extra work. Here are 5 effortless classroom activities to try out this February.

Valen-TIME Craft

Get ready to make teaching and learning fun this Valentine’s Day! With these festive clocks, you can delightfully differentiate practice for your students while also assessing them– plus create an eye-catching seasonal bulletin board that’ll cozy up the classroom.


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Click and Color

During busy times when students’ focus isn’t quite there, I find that spending time on review is better than attempting to teach something new. Make review fun with this activity I call Click and Color. Simply print the emoji heart recording sheet for each student. Then, display the clickable page on your Smartboard or Interactive Whiteboard.

Clicking on a heart reveals a question. There are 12 questions included so there’s no prep involved! However, if you’d like to add your own questions, there is an editable version included, too!

Check out this super fun, no-prep resource here: CLICK AND COLOR. This video shows exactly how to use it.

Stand, Sit, Hands on Hips

Incorporate movement into your students’ day with this activity that gets students responding to questions by standing, sitting, or putting their hands on their hips. This resource includes 25 different questions + an editable slide to add your own!

February Memory

Memory games have become a classroom favorite! The February Memory Games will be all the fun you need in your classroom this year! These are not your traditional “memory”. It’s a cross between Photo Hunt (or Spot the Difference) and a Hidden Picture.

Your students will be begging to play February Memory

First, you display the scene. Students will study the scene for a couple of minutes. They are trying to remember every detail that they can about what is going on.

After students have studied the picture, flip to the questions page to see how much your students can recall. This is perfect for working on attention to detail, focus, vocabulary, and more!

Digital Library

Digital Libraries have been a lifesaver for online learning days. But, they can most definitely be used for in-person learning as well! This collection of February books is perfect for incorporating into your classroom as a listening center or whole class activity! It includes a free listening response page!

Looking for more classroom activities to use in February? Check out this post (with freebies!)

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