17 Fun and Easy Classroom Rewards Students Actually Love

Let’s delve into creative classroom reward ideas that foster teamwork, build morale, and bring an extra layer of motivation to the learning environment. While acknowledging the importance of intrinsic motivation, these rewards aim to celebrate achievements and create a positive classroom community.

1. Dance Party:

Kick off the fun with a dance party set to KidzBop tunes. Enhance the excitement by sharing a Disco Ball video for added joy.

2. Class Game:

Playing a game as a class is a fun way to celebrate meeting a goal. Four Corners, Around the World, Sparkle–there are so many games to choose from! You can make it academic or just for fun. Students LOVE these Memory Games! Try them out for free here.

free memory game easy classroom reward ideas

3. Virtual Field Trip:

Embark on virtual adventures with a choice board of exciting options, fostering a sense of exploration and curiosity among students.

4. Mystery Reader:

Add an element of intrigue by inviting a mystery guest for a reading session. Students can guess the reader’s identity through yes or no questions before an exciting reveal.

5. Positive Email or Note to Parents:

Share the celebration with parents through a heartfelt email, encouraging them to join in congratulating their child. Streamline communication by blind copying all parents on a general email. Or, you can send positive notes home.

6. Vote on Teacher’s Hairstyle:

Let students unleash their creativity by choosing a stylish or silly hairstyle for the teacher. This lighthearted activity adds a touch of humor to the learning environment.

7. Change Name for the Day:

Empower students to rename themselves for the day using blank labels, fostering a sense of individuality and fun.

8. Dress-Up Day:

Brainstorm a variety of dress-up day options, from costumes to fancy clothes or sports gear, creating an enjoyable and inclusive atmosphere.

9. Joke Sharing:

Start each lesson on a positive note by having students share jokes. This lighthearted activity can be spread throughout the week for added fun.

10. Show and Tell:

Transform traditional show and tell into a week-long event, allowing a few students to share each day, ensuring an engaging and manageable showcase.

11. Choose a GoNoodle Song:

Grant students the privilege of choosing a favorite GoNoodle song, turning it into a special treat and a popular individual reward.

12. Cut Assignment in Half:

Allow students to vote on or choose an assignment, and then complete only half of it. For extra dramatics, let them physically rip off the part they aren’t doing…after carefully creasing the lines first, of course.

13. Pick a Craft to Make:

Ignite creativity by presenting students with craft options and allowing them to vote on their preferred project.

14. Classroom Karaoke:

Encourage class camaraderie with a whole-class sing-along or let students choose Kids Bop songs to perform for their peers.

15. School Page Shout Out:

Showcase the class’s awesomeness by requesting a feature on the school’s Facebook page or newsletter.

16. Outdoor Lunch or Learning:

This depends on the weather, but heading outside for a picnic lunch or learning activity can be a fun reward that costs nothing! Don’t want to give up your lunch? Head outside for snack time!

17. Escape Room:

Here are some FREE digital escape rooms. I have not tried them all so I cannot recommend every single one but the Jumanji and Oscar’s Stolen Oscar are great for students in 2nd-4th grade. It might be best to do one together first!

No Prep Whole Class Incentive Trackers

digital classroom reward incentive tracker

Incorporating a classroom rewards system can help boost morale and teamwork. Keep motivation high with digital class incentive trackers. Set goals, choose from these easy classroom rewards, and track progress to celebrate achievements. The best part? They require ZERO prep! Just type in the goal and reward! Would you like to read more posts about Classroom Behavior Management Systems? Click here!

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