15 Easy Reward Ideas to Use in the Classroom

 So, let’s talk about reward ideas to use in the classroom. Now, before anyone jumps on me about rewarding kids for expected behavior, I get it! I agree! But, everyone deserves praise and recognition for a job well done. Incorporating classroom rewards encourages teamwork and builds morale. 

You will always have students who will be motivated intrinsically. But, you will also have students who need that extra incentive. A lot of these can be adapted to use whole class or individually. 

My tips for class rewards would be to provide choice, buy into their excitement and keep it novel. Here’s some options for learning rewards that are fun and motivating!


  • Dance Party: Throw on some KidzBop and get dancing! Share this Disco Ball video for added fun!
  • Class game: There are SO many fun games you can play virtually. You could even sneak in some review. These interactive digital games are perfect to pair with any skill or subject!
  • Virtual Field Trip: So many great options out there! My bestie put together this choice board you could pick from! 
  • Mystery Reader: I LOVED doing this in the spring. I would invite a special guest and they would come into the virtual meeting with their video off (and name changed!). Students would get to ask yes or no questions before they revealed who they were and then read a book! What’s great is that you could do this in person or virtually! It really opens up the possibilities. 
  • Positive email to parents: Easy and free! Share why you are celebrating your class and encourage them to join in on congratulating their child. Instead of sending individual emails, you can blind copy all of the parents and send one general email. Or, you could print out some positive notes to send home. 
  • Vote on teacher’s hairstyle: Your students will LOVE picking out a stylish or silly hairstyle for your to try out. 
  • Change name for the day: Grab some blank labels and let students rename themselves for the day. 
  • Dress up day: Brainstorm some options: costumes, fancy clothes, sports gear ect. 
  • Joke Sharing: Get out those joke books! Have each student pick a joke or two to share with the class. Spread it out over the week as a fun way to start each lesson.
  • Show and tell: A whole class show and tell virtual meeting might take a really long time. I would suggest spreading this out over a week and having a few kids share each day.
  • Choose a GoNoodle song: This one is usually one of my most popular individual rewards.  I typically pick the song unless my students have a pass so this is a special treat.
  • Cut assignment in half: Pick or let students vote on an assignment and allow them to do half of it. 
  • Pick a craft to make: Show your student(s) a few options of a craft. Allow them to vote on which one they’d like to create. 
  • Classroom Karaoke: Have a whole class sing-a-long or allow students to pick from Kids Bop songs to perform for the class. 
  • School page shout out: Does your school have a FB page or newsletter? Ask for your class to be featured and share why they are so awesome!
  • uld lead an activity or just be there to support the lesson! Let your class pick who they’d love to see. 
Keep track of your class progress towards earning a reward! These digital class incentive trackers are the perfect tool! Set a goal, choose a reward and work hard! Students will stay motivated with all of the different tracking options to choose from.


These can be used in PowerPoint or Google Slides. I would suggest showing them at the beginning of the day and then updating them on their progress at the end, too!  

I think it’s so important to find ways to have fun and motivate students. Just like in the classroom, students will need extra encouragement to stay on track with their learning goals and class incentives are the perfect way to uplift students’ attitudes while creating a classroom community.

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