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Just when you thought that your students had mastered short and long vowels, it is time for VOWEL TEAMS! Vowel teams are two or more consecutive letters that represent one long vowel sound. This collection of fun activities will provide them with a wide range of resources to teach themselves or someone else. With explicit phonics instruction, they can build strong learners who know how to read all those tricky sounds.

Included you will find:

  • Vowel Teams: ai, ay
  • Vowel Teams: ee, ea, ey
  • Vowel Teams: oa, oe, ow
  • Vowel Teams: ew, ui, ue
  • Vowel Teams: ie, igh, y

Each resource includes:

  • Reference posters in color and b&w : These are perfect for introducing each vowel team. Display the posters in your room for easy reference. Also includes a smaller, b&w printable copy for students to glue into a notebook.
  • Writing pages : Students create a story based on a list of vowel team words
  • Worksheets : No prep printables ready to go for practice
  • Reading passage with comprehension questions : Student-friendly decodable story with vowel team words. Includes comprehension questions to assess understanding.
  • Sorting center with student friendly directions and recording sheet : Available in color and b&w, this sorting activity with student-friendly clipart can be used as a small group, whole group or independent learning center.
  • Vowel teams quiz : After teaching, assess your students' understanding with this short quiz.
  • Exit tickets : Use the exit ticket to evaluate whether students can identify words with the vowel team.


Q: How long does it take to teach each vowel team?

A: Plan to allow for at least a week of instruction for each vowel team. After introducing and teaching each one, I would plan a review week for all 5. Obviously, this could be shorter or longer based on your students' progress. Utilizing the exit tickets and quizzes included in this pack will help determine if you need to review/reteach.

Q: My district uses a phonics program. Can this be used along with it?

A: Absolutely! These resources are a perfect supplement to any explicit phonics program. Personally, I've used them with Fundations. They are great for centers, independent work or small group work because they embed the skills into different activities--sorting, reading, writing.

Q: What grade levels will this work with?

A: Vowel teams are typically introduced towards the end of 1st grade (could be earlier for advanced readers), focused on again in 2nd grade and reviewed in 3rd grade. These resources are perfect for 1st-3rd!

Check them out individually here:



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