Suffix: ly anchor chart, activities, worksheets, posters, printable book

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Included is everything you need for lessons teaching all about how -ly changes a base word. You will find materials for creating an anchor chart, no prep worksheets, reference posters and more!

These resources aligns well with 2nd grade Journeys but are certainly adaptable to other curriculums and grades.

  • Pages 4-11 : reference posters in both black and white (define what adding -ly does to a word and the rules for adding -ly)
  • Pages 13-19 : anchor chart materials
  • Page 20-32: no prep worksheets with answer keys includes coloring words with suffix -ly, adding -ly to base words and more
  • Page 33-50: suffix -ly book in color and b&w with options for printing or projecting onto whiteboard/sharing screen, includes directions for printing double-sided and recording sheet for after reading
  • Pages 51-59: sorting words by suffix -ly rule with recording sheet in color or b&w
  • Page 60-65: 1/3 page exit slips/formative assessments for students to share their learning with 5 different options

Your students will understand how to add -ly to a base word while practicing reading, writing and identifying words with suffix -ly through all of these engaging activities!

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