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Everything you need for a week+ of lessons on singular and plural nouns! PLUS I've included PLENTY of extra activities to differentiate, review and extend student learning. Your students will become experts at identifying, reading and writing singular and plural nouns.

It takes a lot of practice to learn all of the different rules for making a singular noun into a plural noun. These rules reference posters, worksheets and activities are perfect resources for teaching the difference between singular and plural nouns, how to recognize them, sort them and spell them.

This resource was created for teaching the following skills:

•How to identify singular and plural nouns

•How to write a word in singular or plural form

•Understanding the different rules for making words plural

•Using the correct form of the word in a sentence.

Students will have ample opportunities to practice this skill through whole group mini-lessons or independent activities.

  • 1 week lesson plan with ideas for introducing, practicing and assessing singular and plural nouns
  • Book suggestions & video links
  • Anchor chart materials: headings and example words
  • Reference posters in color and black and white options
    • Singular Nouns
    • Plural Nouns
    • 9 rules for changing a singular nouns to a plural noun: add -s, add -es, drop -y and add -ies, change -f or -fe to -ves, change the word completely, add -s to words that end in -o, add -es to words that end in vowel + o, no change to words
  • Mini-posters for reviewing the rules for changing words from singular to plural to add to student notebooks
  • Interactive notebook activity
  • Singular and plural noun word sorting center in color and black and white with recording sheet
  • 4 No prep worksheets with answer keys
  • 1 Quick Check Quiz
  • Plural Nouns word search


Q: How long does it take to teach singular and plural nouns?

A: The resources in this pack include materials to teach singular and plural nouns over 5-8 mini-lessons spanning a week+. Since the rules can be tricky to learn about, I would recommend repeated practice and spiraling of this skill.

Q: My district uses a phonics program. Can this be used along with it?

A: Absolutely! These resources are a perfect supplement to any explicit phonics program. Personally, I've used them with Fundations. They are great for centers, independent work or small group work because they embed the skills into different activities--sorting, reading, writing.

Q: What grade levels will this work with?

A: Singular and Plural Nouns are included in 1st grade Common Core Language Skills for ELA standards, focused on again in 2nd grade and reviewed in 3rd grade. These resources are perfect for 1st-3rd!

If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you!

What Educators are saying about Inflectional Endings Activities:

"Kids loved it! worked great with remote learning and face to face students." - 2nd grade teacher

"Very helpful and several options to chose from." - 2nd grade teacher



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