Polar Bears Activities: Nonfiction Reading Writing Science Polar Bear Study Unit

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Experience the Arctic with Polar Bear Activities! With this versatile resource, you get engaging reading, writing, and grammar activities that teach about polar bears and the frozen north during your study unit. This easy-to-follow lesson plan allows kids to gain an appreciation for these iconic creatures while developing key reading, writing, and grammar skills.

Discover exciting facts about polar bear habits and habitats, helpful graphic organizers and so much more — designed to keep your students engaged in learning during this themed study unit.

This Nonfiction unit about Polar Bears includes EVERYTHING to teach reading comprehension, grammar, and writing. Includes 5-day lesson plans and all of the materials and resources you will need!

Included are the following:

  • 5-day lesson plan overview
  • Fiction and Nonfiction book list
  • Polar Bear vocabulary cards with definitions
  • Vocabulary sorting Vocabulary definition/sentence page
  • Polar Bear Non-Fiction Reader
  • Nonfiction text features worksheet
  • Fact/opinion sorting cards
  • Fact/opinion coloring worksheet
  • Polar Bear diagram (with and without labels)
  • Graphic organizers:
    • are/can/have
    • bubble sheet
    • 4 square
  • Polar Bear mini book
  • Writing paper
  • Grammar quiz
  • Comprehension and vocabulary quiz
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