Phonics /K/ Sound Spelling Digraph -ck, c & k Practice Worksheet Activities

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/k/ is such a tricky sound! These activities will engage students through reading, writing, and sorting various words with c, k, and -ck spellings. There are many opportunities for differentiation built into this resource!

This resource has everything you need to teach and practice when to use c, k, or digraph -ck! Your students will benefit from the kid-friendly clipart and differentiated options.


  • Reference posters in color and black and white
  • Sorting Center includes cards with pictures (in color and b&w)
  • Sorting Center cards with pictures and words (in color and b&w)
  • Recording sheet with answer key
  • C, K, CK Book in color and black and white with arecording sheet
  • 3 worksheets
  • Write the room cards and differentiated recording sheets with answer key

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What Educators are saying about C, K, -CK Activities

"My class loved this resource, easy to use and easy for them to access." - 1st grade teacher

"This is such a great resource for teaching this sound with a great variety of things to do. My students really enjoyed it!" - 1st grade teacher

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