November Morning Thanksgiving Activities Meeting Brain Break Memory Games

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Need a quick and fun activity for morning meetings, brain breaks or Fun Fridays? These November & Thanksgiving themed Memory games are a perfect tool for your morning meetings, brain breaks or that awkward 5 minutes left over at the end of the day! Simply display the picture for a few minutes then switch to the question page to see how much students remember!


  • PowerPoint and Google Slides versions *must use question slides in edit mode*
  • 10 virtual classrooms
  • 10 sets of follow up questions with self-checking answers--move the check mark to reveal the correct answer to the question

This is a .zip file with both the PowerPoint document and PDF with a link to the Google Slides copy.

These are ready to go for a quick and engaging break from academic instruction. Students will love the challenge of remembering what they saw in the colorful classrooms.

These are engaging and fun for all ages! Your students will love trying to remember as much as they can about the picture. They are challenging but enjoyable. They make a great addition to your online or in person classroom.


Q: Are these compatible with Google Slides?

A: Yes! There is a Google Slides copy of each game included.

Q: What grades does this work for?

A: I have personally used this resource with 1st through 5th grade. I know there have been kindergarten teachers who have used it as well. Some of the questions do require being able to read in order to answer.

Q: I can't move the checkmarks! When I click, it moves me to the next page.

A: Make sure you are using in "edit" mode and not presentation/slideshow.

What Educators Are Saying About Digital Memory Games:

"My students LOVED the Memory slides and asked for them every day. I liked how engaged they were and how it opened up options for language and vocabulary development." - 2nd grade teacher

"My students struggled to stay engaged and participate in our activities. Introducing this resource helped me get my kids paying attention to detail and having fun while practicing oral language and being an active learner." - 1st grade teacher

Want to see Memory Games in action? Check out the video: Memory Games



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