Multiplication Facts Fluency Practice Worksheets x0 to x12 Flash Cards

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Are you in need of an easy and efficient system for your students to practice and track their multiplication facts and build fluency? Fast Facts Folders are a simple, motivating, and effective solution!

Included in this resource are all of the printable items you will need to set up this system for daily math fact practice in your classroom!

Fast facts Folders are simple! Each student gets a folder with a clear plastic sheet protector, dry-erase marker, and eraser. Students slip in their math fact practice page each week and practice daily for 1 minute. After they practice, they can track their score in one of the many tracking options!

Fast Facts Folders are motivating. Students love competing against their own scores and tracking their progress each day. Even the most reluctant mathematicians are not deterred since it only takes 60 seconds each day!

Fast Fact Folders are individual. Students work on their own level within their folders so it is private and difficult for students to compare progress. There are no public displays that can hinder confidence.

Included you will find:

  • Placement Quiz
  • 12 weeks of math facts printable pages x0 through x10 facts and 2 mixed fact pages
  • Each week is broken down into 2 sets of facts
  • Week 1- x0, x1
  • Week 2- x1, x2
  • Week 3: x2, x3
  • Week 4: x3, x4
  • Week 5: x4, x5
  • Week 6: x5, x6
  • Week 7: x6, x7
  • Week 8: x7, x8
  • Week 9: x8, x9
  • Week 10: x9, x10
  • Week 11: x10, x11
  • Week 12: x11, x12
  • Differentiated options (20, 30 and 40 fact pages)
  • 11 options for tracking sheets
  • Multiplication flash cards
  • Editable folder labels
  • 2 parent letter options
  • 1 editable parent letter
  • 30 pages of additional mixed fact practice (ten pages each of 20, 30 and 40 fact pages)
  • Answer Keys

Teacher directions, differentiation suggestions and materials list included

Fast Fact Folders are great for RTI and Intervention math groups. Easily collect data with many tracking sheet options. This system is perfect for homework as well!

I hope you find this is the solution to practicing math facts in your classroom. If you have any questions, please send me a Q&A before purchasing. Thanks!

This system is perfect for homework or for use as an intervention tool. If you have students struggling to master math facts, this is the tool that will provide the daily, consistent practice they need to be successful!


Q: How long do Fast Fact Folders take? Do you do it every day?

A: Once up and running, from start to finish Fast Fact Folders takes less than 3 minutes. Your students will learn the routine by practicing daily. They will be able to get ready, practice for 1 minute, track their score and put it away quickly.

Q: How often do students switch levels?

A: The idea behind Fast Fact Folders is that they are working on the same set of facts for a full week (maybe longer if needed). Each day, their goal is to complete more facts than the day before. So they are competing only against their own performance. A successful week would be an increased amount of facts answered each day.

Q: What does Mastery mean?

A: Mastery is typically defined as being able to respond to a fact within 3 seconds. So if a student can complete the 20 fact page in 1 minute, they have met that goal.

Q: Can this be used for homework?

A: Yes! And parents have raved about it. They love that it's just 1 minute. Even the most reluctant students have found success. There are specific homework tracking sheets included.

What Educators are Saying about Fast Fact Folders:

"I cannot say enough good things about Fast Facts!! I searched for a fun way to practice math facts daily - each kiddo at their own level - without knowing they were at different levels -- THIS IS IT! Now, timed materials can be a bad thing, I've had parents complain that timed work gives their kids anxiety and I get that! But it all depends on how it is delivered. THIS WORKS. This is FUN. Every single one of my first graders LOVE fast facts!" - Stephanie A.

"My goal this year was to focus more on math facts and this resource was amazing! It gave my students ownership of their learning and was super easy to use. Thanks!" - Payton C.

Looking for multiplication and division?

Find them here:

Multiplication & Division Fast Fact Folders

I hope you find this is the solution to practicing math facts in your classroom. If you have any questions, please send me a Q&A before purchasing.



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