Glued Sounds -nk & -ng 15 Minute Phonics 4 Lessons Interactive PPT Google Slides

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15 Minute Phonics was designed with teachers and students in mind. Research shows that daily, systematic and explicit phonics instruction is crucial for building successful readers. But how do we fit it all in? I found in my 2nd grade classroom that 15 minutes of phonics was the perfect daily dose. But I still struggled with balancing fidelity with fun while using a scripted phonics program.

15 Minute Phonics provides effective daily lessons for teaching phonics skills. Each lesson follows a systematic structure with digital activities designed to keep students engaged. Every lesson is compatible with in person or virtual instruction. They can be used for 1:1, intervention, tutoring, small groups or whole group lessons.

In addition to teacher lesson plans and materials, a student checklist is included to keep students on track and motivated with their learning. After each activity, students can choose from a digital sticker as they work their way through the lesson. The pictures on the checklist are linked to each activity.

There are 4 lessons included per skill. This was purposeful to include flexibility each week. The extra day can be review, remediation, enrichment, assessment or whatever else your students may need!


  • All teacher materials necessary for FOUR 15 minute phonics lessons on glued sounds (ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk)
  • Lesson plans, teacher tips, tech tips and more!
  • Student checklist with digital stickers keeps students motivated and on track
  • .zip file includes PowerPoint presentation or link to Google Slides copy
  • Each lesson includes 4 main components: warm up, teaching, practice and wrap up
  • Lessons are engaging and interactive for both in person or virtual instruction
  • Formative assessments for each lesson to help plan future instruction
  • Perfect for intervention, tutoring, small groups or whole groups
  • NO prep!
  • Colorful sound cards for letters A-Z, digraphs and glued sounds
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