First Day Back to School Classroom Community Building Activities Bundle

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Do you need some fresh and fun getting-to-know-you activities for back-to-school? New, creative, and engaging activities to use for the first weeks of school! These activities include everything you need. Get to know one another, learn each other's names, and jump-start building your classroom community.

These 12 activities are fun, fresh, and full of engagement! You will receive three downloads:

  • 10 BTS activities
  • Classroom Memory Games
  • Stand, Sit, Hands on Hips

Students can:

✅ get to know one another

✅ share about their likes, interests, and hobbies

✅ learn each other's names

✅ engage in discussions about classroom expectations and values.

What you will find:

  • 12 fresh and fun NO PREP Back to School activities: These activities are perfect for getting to know your students, establishing your classroom expectations, and having fun during those first days (and weeks!) of school
  • Teacher directions for all activities: Detailed instructions on how to use these activities with your learners virtually or in person!
  • Everything you need to facilitate the activities (on an interactive whiteboard)
  • Many of the activities include an interactive digital component for increased engagement
  • Activities include: getting to know each other, learning names, respect, listening skills, classroom expectations, and more!

I hope you find these activities to fit all of your needs for building community in your classroom this year.

What version will you use? I've included both games in PowerPoint and Google Slides. They are identical regarding what's included but I know people have a personal preference on which they like to use more. You have to use in “edit” mode--which is the opposite of “Slideshow” in PPT or “Present” in Google Slides.

OPTIONAL: In PowerPoint, you can hide the slide sorter on the right side and close the menu bar at the top to allow for maximum gameboard views. In Google Slides, there are two options for toggling the slide panel so you have more screen space. There is an extension you can download or a button you can add to your Bookmarks Bar. This is totally optional and comes down to personal preference. 🙂

Here's what Educators are saying about these activities:

"I initially purchased this to use during distance learning and it was one of the students favorite activities. I have found it just as helpful to use during in person learning. I have purchased every month and use them all the time. You won't be sorry you purchased this!" - 1st grade teacher

"I've used this resource now for both virtual and in-person learning! This came with really great building activities that helped us kick off our year to a great start!" - 4th grade teacher



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