Fast Fact Folders: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Fact Fluency

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Are you in need of an easy and effective system for your students to practice and track their addition and subtraction math fact fluency? Fast facts folders are the solution! Included in this resource are all of the printable items you will need to set up this system for daily math fact practice in your classroom!

Fast facts folders are simple! Each student gets a folder with a clear plastic sheet protector, dry erase marker and eraser. Students slip in their math fact practice page each week and practice daily for 1 minute. After they practice, they can track their score in one of the 9 tracking options!

This Bundle Includes:
Addition Math Fact Fluency | Fast Facts Folders
Subtraction Math Fact Fluency | Fast Facts Folders

Multiplication Math Fact Fluency | Fast Fact Folders

Division Math Fact Fluency | Fast Facts Folders

Included you will find:

--12 weeks of math facts printable pages (+0 through +10 plus 2 mixed fact pages AND -0 through -10 facts and 4 mixed fact pages for differences up to 10, x0 through x10 plus mixed facts and ÷1 through ÷10 plus mixed fact pages)

--each week is broken down into 2 sets of facts

--differentiated options (20, 30 and 40 fact pages)

--11 options for tracking sheets

--editable folder labels

--3 parent letter options (editable)

--addition flashcards

--subtraction flashcards

--pretests for each operation

Teacher directions, differentiation suggestions and materials list included

This system is perfect for homework as well!

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