Digital Memory Games Monthly Themed & Questions Brain breaks, morning meetings

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Do you need a fun and engaging activity that can be used during online teaching or in-person? These digital games are the perfect tool for keep students' attention, motivating them to stay engaged in online learning and you'll be practicing crucial skills!

*This is a GROWING BUNDLE which means more new Memory Games are on their way. It is currently the lowest price it will ever be. As each new resource is added, the price will increase. Buy now for the most savings! When the bundle is completed, you will have 10 products with 100 memory game pages!*

Memory Games are now monthly themed and I just dropped January! Thanks to everyone who reached out about how much you and your students are LOVING these activities for a quick brain break, fun Friday activity or reward. I made them to be fun first but realized there are a lot of great skills being worked on here: attention to detail, working memory, focus, vocabulary.

Each month includes:

  • 10 digital pictures for students to study
  • a page of 6 follow up questions about the details of the picture

Currently Includes:

  • Classroom Memory (no month/theme--perfect for the beginning of the year or anytime!)
  • November Memory
  • December Memory
  • January Memory
  • February Memory
  • March Memory
  • April Memory
  • May Memory
  • June Memory

Coming soon:

  • October Memory
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