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Do you need some no-prep activities to practice closed syllables? Check out this fantastic resource for one and two-syllable words. These printables are perfect for spicing up your phonics practice! This activity collection will give them the extra boost they need to MASTER closed syllables.

Use it for homework, review, phonics strategy groups, or fun during literacy centers.

These 13 print & go worksheets are perfect for practicing identifying, reading, and writing words with closed syllables!

There are 13 worksheets in total with 5 different activities.

What's included?

  • Sorting (4 pages): Students cut and paste words and pictures
  • Cut & Paste (2 pages): Students cut and paste the word to match the picture.
  • Write & Find (2 pages): Students write the closed-syllable word next to a picture and description. Then, they find it in the word search.
  • Fill & Find (1 page): Students complete the word with the correct vowel and then find the picture in the picture box.
  • Read, Cut & Paste (2 pages): Students read the sentence and circle the words with closed syllables. Then, they cut and paste the picture that matches the sentence
  • Divide the Syllables (2 pages): Students read 2-syllable words and divide them into syllable parts. One page includes a mix of closed syllables with other syllable types.

Your students will love practicing closed syllables words with these fun worksheets! They are perfect for morning work, independent literacy centers, small groups, or whole-class phonics lessons!



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