Back to School: Lesson Plans and Activities for Teaching Rules and Expectations

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Setting expectations is one of the most crucial areas of instruction during the few weeks of school. This back to school resources teaches every step of creating classroom rules and expectations as well as determining logical consequences and what to do when mistakes are made.

This resource is broken down into three lesson parts. It includes a detail lesson plan including introduction, discussion and application. Lesson materials include:

⭐ Vocab Cards

⭐ Anchor Chart Pieces

⭐ Sort and Stick Posters

⭐ Application Activity

Topics covered:

⭐ Creating Classroom Rules and Expectations

⭐ Determining Logical Consequences

⭐ Making and Correcting Mistakes

The lessons align with 3 different books:

⭐ Back to School Rules by by Laurie B. Friedman and Teresa Murfin

⭐ What Should Danny Do? by Adir Levy

⭐ Tony Baloney: School Rules by Pam Munoz Ryan and Edwin Fotheringham

The books enhance the lessons but are not necessary for teaching.

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