40+ Prefixes and Suffixes Posters Reference Poster Bundle

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Do your students need reminders about the meanings of common prefixes and suffixes? Are you in need of resources to create an affix reference bulletin? This resource includes simple and effective reference posters for 26 of the most commonly used prefixes and 18 of the most commonly used suffixes. A total of 44 posters in color and B&W.

Each poster has the prefix or suffix, its meaning, an example and colorful picture to go with the example. Also included are posters which define suffix, prefix, base word and root word.

*Now Available in ink-friendly printing B&W version*


  • pre-
  • re-
  • un-
  • dis-
  • non-
  • mis-
  • bi-
  • tri-
  • in-
  • inter-
  • super-
  • mid-
  • im-
  • ir-
  • anti-
  • semi-
  • over-
  • sub-
  • de-
  • fore-


  • -ed
  • -or
  • -en
  • -s
  • -able
  • -less
  • -es
  • -ible
  • -ic
  • -ing
  • -ful
  • -ly
  • -er
  • -tion
  • -est
  • -ty

You can print full size for reference posters in your room. OR you can print 2-4 to a page and have students paste them into an interactive notebook.

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