2nd Grade Math Assessment: 2 Digit Subtraction and Problem Solving

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Valid and reliable assessments are crucial tools for consistently measuring student learning. Assessment is necessary for planning instruction. Utilizing the pretest will allow you to evaluate where your students are currently in their math skills. The exit slips and quiz are the perfect formative assessments to guide your instruction as you teach the unit. Finally, the unit assessments perfectly align with the formative assessments to provide a culminating summative assessment.

Included is a skill sheet to track your students’ mastery of each of the steps for mastering the standard and an assessment score spreadsheet.

These assessments are the perfect tool to assess 2nd graders after teaching how to subtract 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping. It covers the following skills and concepts:

  • subtract 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping
  • rewrite 2 digit subtraction problems vertically then solve
  • 2 digit subtraction word problems and word problems


•Pretest ½ page sheet and answer key

•2 exit slips with answer keys

•1 quiz with answer key

•Unit Test Form A with answer key

•Unit Test Form B with answer key

•Standard mastery tracking sheet

•Assessment scores spreadsheet

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