5 Ways to Strengthen Math Fact Fluency with Flashcards

Year after year, I had students who struggled with mastering their math facts. It made it difficult to confidently move on in teaching more complex mathematical concepts. In order to become fluent in math facts, students need daily, repetitious practice is a variety of ways. Here’s some ideas to pair

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How to Set Up Fast Fact Folders for Daily Practice

I am SO excited to share with you today the system I have been using the past few years for my students to practice their math facts daily. It’s called Fast Fact Folders. It provides differentiated practice with options to track progress. My students have LOVED practicing their facts this

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Games, Apps & Ideas for Math Fact Fluency

Practicing math facts can be dull and boring OR fun and engaging. I know my 2nd grade team is ALWAYS in search of new ways of practicing and assessing math facts. It is crucial that our students master these foundational skills in order to be successful mathematicians. Here are a

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