End of the Year

16 End of the Year Activity Ideas

Happy End of the School year!   The last days of school can be the most fun, memorable days of the year. This year has been a doozy! We are finally at the planning for the end stage of the game. If anyone deserves an exciting, fun send-off, it’s this year’s students. But,

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What I’m Doing on the Last Days of Distance Teaching

Virtual Field Trips For our second to last week, we are sharing virtual field trip opportunities with our students. It is a four day week so they can choose from 1 of 7 field trip opportunities each day and complete a corresponding response sheet. My amazing teammate and teacher bestie,

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End of the Year Themes Flashlight Day

We have 8.5 days of school left! While I am on the #teachertiredtrain, I am trying to rest up today so I have enough energy for our last full week–jam-packed with field day and a field trip! I wanted to pop in quick and share about our first day of

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