Time-Saving Tips for a Smoother Transition into the School Year

It’s nearing the beginning of the school year.  The school to-do list is long and you want to keep the rest of your worries to a minimum.  While reflecting on the beginning of last school year, I realized I did a few things (some intentional, some not) that helped alleviate some B2S stress and save some time.
So today, it is all about a few tricks to make life easier!!
My mom used to tell me to find a “uniform” aka an outfit that is comfortable and you feel good in.  Then buy a few versions of it.  What is easier than a black top and ANY color pants (except for navy blue, of course)? SO I bought 3 black V-neck Tees.  This actually was a happy accident.  Too much late night online shopping (and wine) will do that to you.
So now I don’t have to rummage around for my one black tee.  Truth: I was wearing a maternity one for over year or so. Now, I have a plentiful supply and getting ready in the morning is just a tid bit easier.  Do I wear a black t-shirt everyday? No.  But probably twice a week so that is two less outfits to think about.

Find YOUR uniform.  Buy a few of each item and spend less time worrying about what to wear!

One thing I am low, low maintenance about is my hair. I get one haircut a year.  And I use shampoo and conditioner from the Dollar Tree. #dontjudge #sorrynotsorry
Last year I went short.  Short short.  It cut at least 15-20 minutes off of my morning routine.  And I love it.
I am not suggesting everyone cut their hair off.  Find that hair style that is simple and easy to do when you don’t feel like spending a lot of time on your hair.
When I walk back into my classroom that first day, it is overwhelming. Where to start? What to do? Where are my scissors at?!  To make it go a little smoother and waste less time, I made to do lists for my 2 prep days before PD starts. I planned some of the more fun stuff for the first day to get me excited and then down to the nitty gritty details for day 2.

Teachers love to do lists and I am sure you already have one. Prioritize the most important items and make it realistic.  Break it down by days or even hours instead of one long overwhelming never-ending list.

In anticipation of the exhaustion and lack of motivation to do anything after school, I planned to make some meals ahead of time. I went with easy recipes–mac and cheese, lasagna and baked ziti. I made smaller portions since it was just me and the hubs eating. I still cooked from time to time (and ordered the occasional take out) but these meals were a great supplement.

Prep some go-to meals or at least make a plan ahead of time about what you will eat those first few weeks of school when you are too tired to think about one more thing.

What’s your best back to school tip to make life a little easier?
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