Energize the New Year: Activities for the Week After Winter Break

The first week after winter break can be a little rough. No worries! I have you covered with lesson plans and activities for the entire week after break!

On one hand, you are rejuvenated from time off. But, everyone’s out of the regular routine and it can take a little while to get back on track. My best advice is to review classroom procedures and expectations, ease back into your normal workload, and spend some time reconnecting. This is so important for two reasons: it helps build your classroom community and it allows students to talk which they probably will want to do a lot of since it’s been a while since they’ve seen their friends. 

I’ve created and curated a whole week’s worth of resources you can use for the first week back. It includes so many wonderful resources for goal setting, celebrating diverse traditions, sharing all about winter break and more! The best part? Everything is free! 

First Week After Winter Break

Here’s an overview of the plans. It includes morning meeting activities, math, reading, and writing. I decided to forgo science/social studies since those standards can be different based on location. I kept in mind social distancing, hybrid, and online learning. While some of the activities might not be compatible with all situations, hopefully, there are resources you can find that will be helpful in your planning. Did I mention everything is free? 

Classroom Management Refresh

Musical Shares

Morning Meeting




Free Resources

In addition to the weekly overview, I included a little more detail about a few of the activities and links to everything! There are some free resources included directly in the download as well like the traditions chart to go with Shante Keys and the New Year’s Peas and a response page for A Loud Winter’s nap. There is also a great morning meeting activity to get students moving.


These activities for after break are sure to help with a smooth transition into the new year. I hope the new year treats you and your students well! Looking for more ideas to ring in the new year? Check out this blog post!

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