Step Up Day Activities for End of Year Transition to New Grade

As the school year winds down, both students and teachers eagerly anticipate the upcoming break. But amidst the excitement of summer vacation, there lies an important milestone for students transitioning to the next grade level: Step Up Day. “Step Up Day” or “Moving up day” can be an exciting and informative event for students to get a glimpse of what lies ahead in the next grade level. Here are some step up day activities to make it engaging and beneficial:

Facts and Opinions about ____ Grade

Enlist your current students to write facts and opinions about your grade level. This is a fun way to share insights about what students can expect

Or, you could include some falsehoods and have students identify what is true or false.

Who Wants to Be ____? Trivia Game

This is the PERFECT game to test students’ readiness for the next grade level! Plus, all of the questions are done for you! It’s interactive and fun. It’s available for kindergarten through 4th grade. Check it out!

Q&A Session

Allow current students to ask questions about what to expect in the next grade level. This can alleviate any anxieties they may have about the transition. You could have students submit questions ahead of time to organize responses.

Picture Yourself in _______ Grade Bulletin Board

Make a cute craft for the perfect transition bulletin board. Students will draw a picture of their future self and write a short caption about something they are excited about in the next grade level.

This is a great way to celebrate the end of the year and transition to a new grade level! Your soon-to-be students will love imagining themselves in their next grade!

Letter to First Day Self

Once your new students have learned a little bit more about their next grade level, have them write a short letter to themselves on the first day of school. This is such a nice gesture to open on the first day and will help them remember how prepared they felt when the school year ended.

Step up day activities make for a fun and informative experience that helps students feel more confident about transitioning to the next grade level.

Looking for more end of the school year activities? Check out this blog post!

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