Test Prep & Test Taking Strategies and Study Skills Social Stories w/ reflection

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Testing season is upon us. This resource is a reflective approach to review test taking strategies including physical and mental preparation.

It includes 12 fictional stories about students who make a combination of good and bad choices when it comes to getting ready for and taking "the big test".

Topics Included:

Physical and Mental readiness (4 stories)

--eating breakfast

--getting enough sleep

--not stressing out

General test taking strategies (4 stories)

--eliminating wrong choices

--using scratch paper

--skipping and coming back to difficult questions

--reading questions and all answers

Reading test taking strategies (2 stories)

--taking notes on scrap paper

--rereading the passage

Math test taking strategies (2 stories)

--using scrap paper

--plugging in each answer

--checking work

Each set of stories comes with a reflection sheet. It asks students to reflect on the students' choices as well as their own strengths when it comes to taking tests

*Includes Editable Slide to add your own stories**

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