Motivation Monday: My Classroom’s Daily Schedule

I am linking up this week with Teacher By The Beach to talk about our daily schedule. It will most likely change a bit because that happens. Every year we are asked to include more subjects/programs/initiatives into our day. Yet, nothing ever gets eliminated. The schedule is like a balloon that’s about to pop with one more breath.
Anywho, let’s get down to business.

The bell rings at 8:40 (teachers have to be at school at 7:55, however). I usually get there somewhere around 7:30. The morning is my best work time and I leave right away in the afternoon. Kids come in for about 10 minutes. I think after 8:50 they are considered “late”.

This year, I have to squish in a morning meeting before my special at 9:15. Our specials are everyday and they include gym, music, art, computer and library. I actually volunteered for morning special this year.  Last year I had afternoon and I was always so tired I barely got anything done.
When they get back, we will have a short snack break and I will read aloud from a chapter book. Or we will finish morning meeting or go over morning work.  I am not totally sure yet.
Next up is my least favorite part of the day–Fundations.  In my opinion, there is nothing fun about it. So I want to get it over with as soon as possible.
Next is my favorite part–guided reading. Students will be pulled for Tier 2 reading support. I will teach 3 reading groups. Students will engage in 3 centers. I am simplifying this block. My system last year was a bit complex.  You can read about it here.
This year we will have recess before lunch despite the way in which I ordered it on the schedule. This is new and I am sure we will find something wrong with it. Does anyone else do this?
When they return from lunch and recess, it’s time for shared reading. I kind of wish I could fit this in the morning before reading groups/centers.  Next is writing. That’s our new initiative this year–Lucy Calkins–to be exact. I have the kit and I am supposed to be reading it this summer….
I have always wanted to teach math in the afternoon. But not really after reading and writing. I feel like that’s a lot of subjects smushed together.
2nd recess is necessary with a long afternoon. Next we do science or social studies. I use a lot of Mystery Science and STEM challenges. Then, finally, we pack up! The day is over. Whew I am tired!
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