Monday Made It: My First MMI!

I am linking up for the first time with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.  I could try to explain why I have never Made It to a Monday Made It linky but I will spare you my weak excuses!
This is my first summer ever that I will be returning back to the same place I ended the school year! And, oh, what a feeling it is!  I am so excited to know my space and make it even more my own this year. 
One thing I wanted to do all of last year but couldn’t get it together enough to accomplish was get rid of my teacher desk.  I cleaned it out on the last day of school and stuck a sticky note on it to move it out! Since I haven’t been back in my room since, I am crossing my fingers that it has magically gone away.  And now I am preparing for life without it with these two extremely unoriginal storage ideas.
First up is the Teacher Tool Box everyone and their brother is making. #bandwagon
I bought this pink one off of Amazon.
Since it is kind of a different size than the ones I have been seeing on Instagram and Pinterest, I decided just to go ahead and make my own labels so I would be sure they fit.
What I am most excited about is being able to have my kids go get something when I need it! Before, I had drawers that were unkept and junky.  I would not trust just any kid to go retrieve a binder clip in fear they might get poked with a safety pin.  This way, everything has a spot (except for safety pins now that I think about it…)

Next up was converting a set of plastic drawers I have had as clothing storage for way longer than any grown adult should.  Instead of going out and buying all new stuff for my classroom, I tried to find things I could get rid of and organize upgrade in my house instead.  So this plastic drawer unit came out of the closet and I found new homes for most of the items within it.

It is kind of hard to tell what the labels say in these pictures because I chose to put them on the inside of the drawers but the top is “needs to be copied” then “needs to be graded”. Followed by Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Then the bottom is FILE which needed a big drawer because I am usually super behind on that!
I am going to be honest, this picture is a lie.  It turned out pretty uneven, blotchy and all around sloppy looking. I am a very impatient spray painter.  I left it out in the rain.  I ran out of paint and refused to go buy more. But you know what? It will still get the job done!
This next one is a little bit of a stretch for “made it”.  I went to the TpT conference in Orlando this past week and I made some awesome memories with great friends : )
from L to R
Becky from The Class Couple
Lauren from Teaching in Stripes
Cait from Cait’s Cool School
Alleah Maree
Lastly, in preparation for back to school, I made a somewhat detailed schedule of my day.  I broke down each subject and laid out how I would like the block of time to go.  I put these in my teacher binder to help with lesson planning!  And of course, I had to make pretty colors : )
Well, that’s all I’ve got for today.  I can’t wait to see what others have made.  Do you have any projects you still want to get done before school? I’d love to hear about them!

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