3 Ways to Include Phonics into a Literacy Block

Phonics skills aren’t the most exciting to teach. Do you have to follow a phonics curriculum? We have a pretty scripted routine we are required to follow.  However, I know my students need additional opportunities to practice reading and recognizing phonics skills beyond that isolated instruction.
So how else can we fit it in?

Incorporate into Writing

Do you have a separate writing block? Or a work on writing center? Either way, you can incorporate extra practice with a focused phonics skill during writing time. These writing prompts include a word bank of words that following a phonics pattern.
These help students connect spelling patterns to their writing in context. When students are using the spelling pattern vocabulary in their writing, they are more likely to carry it over into their independent writing.

Independent Centers

What are your students doing while you teach guided reading groups? Mine are working on independent activities which includes centers like word work. This is a great opportunity to reinforce those phonics skills during independent work. You can grab these long vowel activities here.

Reading Passages

During guided reading is another perfect opportunity to review what you have taught in your whole group phonics lesson. These reading passages require students to fill in the blank using spelling pattern vocabulary in context. They also include comprehension questions. They are perfect for repeated readings to build fluency.

If you would like to check out any of the resources above in more detail, click here.

Happy Teaching!

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