How to Use One Page Phonics Intervention

You need a simple solution to target your students’ reading needs. With One Page Phonics Intervention, students will work on their phonological awareness, encoding, and decoding. This is a helpful tool for identifying the breakdown while practicing these foundational reading skills. Let’s chat about how to use this no-prep intervention resource.

Why Use Interventions

In my first year of teaching, I had some struggling readers. We were at the mid-point in the year and two of my 2nd graders were still reading at beginning of first grade level. I referred them to our child study team and was told I needed to set a goal, use intervention and collect data. I had no idea how to start or how I was supposed to carve out 1:1 time to meet with students every day for 15 days. It was so overwhelming. Thankfully, I was next door to one of our Reading Specialists who helped me try to figure things out. But, looking back, I was truly clueless. I knew I had struggling readers but I did not know where to start. I really wished there was something easy and effective.

How One Page Phonics Intervention Works

The first step before you start any intervention is to identify which skill(s) your students need additional practice. Many schools utilize evaluative tools called benchmark assessments to identify student needs. Your school might use a program like this, one of the common ones is Acadience Reading (used to be DIBELs and I liked that name much better but that’s neither here nor there). If so, the data you need to inform your instructional decisions awaits! Maybe you don’t want to use that data or feel more confident with collecting your own. Read this post to find out how I use a simple decoding survey to quickly assess students’ decoding skills.

Using the One Page Intervention

Once you know your students’ skill levels, you can choose which one-page intervention to start. Simply print the page for the skill you are working on. Each page is available in color or black and white copies. I like to print in color and keep in sheet protectors or dry-erase sleeves. This way I can use them over and over again!

one page phonics intervention
Each page is available in color or black and white for ink-friendly printing.

There are 4 parts to each lesson. First, the teacher dictates words while students listen for the target sound. If they hear the target sound, they write a checkmark in the number box. This is a great way to assess students’ phonological awareness. Dictation words for the listening and writing sections are included in the teacher guide!

After the listening section, students look at each picture to find the target sound. If the picture matches the sound, students circle it. In the third section, students identify which letter(s) make the target sound by marking it. This could be underlining or circling, drawing a macron or breve. It is really up to you!

Finally, the teacher dictates two words for students to write. This is a great opportunity to see if students can encode the target sound. Altogether, these activities should take less than 10 minutes (depending on your student(s). It makes one-page phonics intervention a quick but effective tool for practicing specific phonics skills.

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Short Vowels One Page Phonics Intervention

Using one-page phonics intervention is a simple way to incorporate explicit practice of essential reading skills in an effortless way!

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