End of the Year Themes Flashlight Day

We have 8.5 days of school left! While I am on the #teachertiredtrain, I am trying to rest up today so I have enough energy for our last full week–jam-packed with field day and a field trip!
I wanted to pop in quick and share about our first day of our EOY countdown. If you haven’t read my post, we are using a countdown chain. At the end of each day, I choose the student who clipped up the highest for the day to rip off the chain link and share what our special activity will be for the following day.
Friday was FLASHLIGHT DAY! I have both finger flashlights that I bought from Amazon
(I have had these for 3 years now and they have held up pretty well with occasional use!)
and I had 2 regular size flashlights that I borrowed from my teammate (Thanks, Mindy!)
Here is what we did on Flashlight Day:

Flashlight Limbo

We finished up our Morning Meeting with Flashlight Limbo. A student and I held the flashlights at the same height and my students limbo-ed under the light. We had about 5 minutes for this before we had to be at music but it was a fun start to the day and got them very excited for what was in store!

Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

This was the highlight of the day! We turned ALL the lights off and, with the finger flashlights, students completed a scavenger hunt.
They LOVED it. I heard so many times “This is so fun!”. I loved that they were having a blast AND reviewing some math and ELA skills at the same time.

Shadow Charades

We gathered together on the carpet and shined (shone?) one of the regular sized flashlights at the SmartBoard. I had already prepped ideas for charades (mostly animals doing an action). It was really cute to see how creative they got with this! They thought of ways to act them out that I would never never thought of!

Flashlight Reading

Later, we settled down for some quiet reading time with the finger flashlights.

Students picked a spot round the room, I turned the lights off and they read silently for almost a half an hour! It was bliss.

Flashlight Dance Party

At the end of the day, we put on some GoNoodle (Did you know BEYONCE is on there?!) and danced with our finger flashlights. It was like a 2nd grade rave and I might have busted out my dance moves.
Happy Teaching!
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