Lesson Plans for the First Week After Winter Break

It’s my last day of break.  Excuse me while I cry a little.
This time of year can be exciting.  And also maybe a little depressing.  Our school doesn’t have a day off until Presidents’ Day and that usually always gets wiped out by a snow day. Spring break isn’t until mid April so it is time to put big girl pants on and get ready for a long haul! #fingerscrossedfor2hourdays
I am here to share my plan for this week with you.  Click here or on the pictures to take you to the downloadable version which has CLICKABLE LINKS for each resource.
In math, I will start teaching time.  I created a fun board game which has differentiated options so I can see where my kiddos are at with their time skills.
We will also use Judy clocks and hula hoops as much as possible for hands on practice.
{source: The Classroom Key}
I like to ease into that first day so I have planned a *free* January glyph by Amanda Garcia.
January Glyph: Back from Winter Break!
Reading and writing will soon be all things informational and nonfiction.  I am so excited to use my updated Polar Bear unit! It felt SO good to have it prepped to go for when I return.
While my plans might look like I am diving right into content, I do plan to ease back into things as much as possible. I will most definitely provide time for my kiddos to share about their breaks during our morning meeting and writing.  We will also practice the basics like walking to the carpet, lining up, walking in the hallway ect.  We will use my January Whole Class Positive Behavior Management Tracker to keep us motivated!

Reading centers will be all about re-building stamina while reviewing routines and expectations.  I will have my students practice each center whole group each day while I start DRA assessments.
For Social Studies, I plan to use my close reading passage whole group.  I love that it includes an Illustrate and Write page for students to share their NYE traditions.  I also wanted to include a fun STEM activity this week.  These are always such morale builders and great for our classroom community.
What will you be teaching this week?
Happy Teaching!
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