Fact Family Trees {A *FREE* Math Craft}

Just popping in REAL quick to share a cute and easy craftivity for math and FALL! Are the leaves changing where you live? On our drive home from the beach last weekend, the foliage was just starting to sport those beautiful colors!


In 2nd grade, we just wrapped up reviewing addition and subtraction strategies and this week it is all about related facts.  No lie, one time I asked my students “What is the relationship between addition and subtraction?” and one student said (in all seriousness) “I think they are cousins because their mom’s are sisters.”  I will never forget that–ha!

Most of my kiddos had fact families down after we reviewed for all but 10 minutes so it was the perfect opportunity to tie in a fall craft.  I used my school’s die cut machine to cut 100 leaves #allbefore8am.  BUT I put together all the pieces you will need to print and be ready for this craft in your class.

What was great was I could simply differentiate by giving students various combinations of numbers. You could even have them come up with their own! And they couldn’t copy anyone else (except for the one who did and his didn’t make any sense!)
Click here for your copy of the materials.

If you are looking for more fun, fall no prep math, my print and go math packet is perfect! It includes 25 pages of printables covering place value, even and odd, skip counting and MORE!

Happy Fall All!

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