Strategies that will Boost Student Writing Engagement

I’ve seen a lot of teachers ask “How do I make writing more engaging?” 📝 Writing takes a lot of work which makes it a pain point for many students. For teachers, writing instruction is a delicate balance of guidance and feedback. Here are some simple strategies that will boost

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How to Set Up A Successful Writing Center

Preparing a writing center always felt extremely daunting. Where will I store everything? How do I keep it stocked? Am I going to be able to teach students not to blow through all of the supplies? Will they even look at the examples, vocabulary words, writing ideas? Who will keep

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My First 3 Math Lessons of the School Year

Planning for the beginning of the year is so important for setting the tone in your classroom. For my first 3 math lessons of the school year, I ask myself “What do I want to communicate about what is valued in our classroom in this subject area?“ In math, I

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