My First 3 Math Lessons of the School Year

Planning for the beginning of the year is so important for setting the tone in your classroom. For my first 3 math lessons of the school year, I ask myself “What do I want to communicate about what is valued in our classroom in this subject area?“ In math, I

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The Most Engaging Fact Fluency Games and Activities

Young mathematicians have an important job — mastering foundational math facts! But don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be mundane. Check out these super fun and creative ways to help your students stay engaged with their math practice at home or in the classroom! With these fact fluency games and

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Simple & Engaging Math Game for Practicing Subtraction

Hi! Today I am going to share a really simple and easily differentiated subtraction game (could be adapted for addition, too!). I just love love love using games for learning. My math block usually looks something like this: Mini lesson: 15  minutes Whole group practice: 10 minutes Independent practice: 10-15

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