Lesson Planning

First Day of 2nd Grade Activities & Lesson Plans

It’s mid-July and already starting to feel like a Sunday night, even though I have about a month of summer left. Our first official teacher day is August 16th, students come in on Monday the 21st. (EEK!) My family is going to the beach at the end of July which

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5 Ways to Get in Grammar

Math, reading, writing, phonics, skills groups, enrichment, social studies, science…it seems impossible to fit it all in. Grammar seems to be one of those subjects that just gets pushed to the side and often forgotten. Yet, it still deserves a place in your students’ day in some way.  Here are

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My First Week of School Lesson Plans and Resources

Get ready for the new school year! Teachers will be starting tomorrow, and our first day with students is coming up on Monday. I can’t wait to show you my awesome first week lesson plans and the resources I’ll be using for the first week. Let’s make this school year

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