guided reading

How to Teach Reading Effectively using Comprehension Kits

I am so excited to share with you “A Look Inside” Comprehension kits today.  These resources have transformed my teaching of reading. It has allowed me to effectively teach reading consistentl across my whole group and small group lessons.  With the flexibility of the materials and options for differentiating, I

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Must Haves for your Guided Reading Binder

I am a huge fan of using binders for organization. I have one for each topic in math, one for running records, one for a substitute…the list goes on! My FAVORITE this year is my guided reading binder. It has helped me be much more organized for my guided reading

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Activities & Ideas for Teaching Character Traits

I am excited to dive deeper into reading skills and share some ideas to apply to whole group and small group lessons. In this series about comprehension, I will focus on a reading skill, take a look at options for differentiating instruction and provide resources that may be helpful! Understanding

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