5 Must-Have Manipulatives to Practice Math Facts

Practicing math facts daily is necessary for mastery. But, it doesn’t always feel fun. These 5 Must-Have Manipulatives for Math Fact Practice will increase engagement when practicing math facts! Dice My first and most favorite manipulative for math fact practice is dice. Dice are often thought of as a game

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My First 3 Math Lessons of the School Year

Planning for the beginning of the year is so important for setting the tone in your classroom. For my first 3 math lessons of the school year, I ask myself “What do I want to communicate about what is valued in our classroom in this subject area?“ In math, I

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Games, Apps & Ideas for Math Fact Fluency

Practicing math facts can be dull and boring OR fun and engaging. I know my 2nd grade team is ALWAYS in search of new ways of practicing and assessing math facts. It is crucial that our students master these foundational skills in order to be successful mathematicians. Here are a

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