6 Easy Activities to Teach Students about Leap Day this Year

Can you believe we have a Leap Day coming up on February 29th? What an exciting way to end the month and talk about a fun topic with students. Leap Day only comes around every four years, which makes it extra special to learn about. I’ve put together 6 easy Leap Day activities you can do with your students to teach them all about this extra calendar day. They’ll have a blast learning the history behind Leap Day and doing some hands-on exploration. So grab your plans for the last week of February and get ready for your students to leap into more learning about this unique calendar phenomenon!

Watch a Video

One of my favorite ways to introduce a new topic is to watch a quick video! This helps activate background knowledge and scaffold learning for all students. Here are a few short, informative videos that answer the question: “What is Leap Year?”

Leap Year Facts

Check for understanding. After the video, work together to sort facts under “true” or “false.” This will reinforce the important concepts of leap year. This activity also comes with directions and a recording sheet so you could use as an independent center! Find this as part of my Leap Day Activities resource.

Leap Year classroom activity

Research Leap Day Birthdays

Did you know that people born on a leap day are often called “leapers” or “leaplings”? Have your students choose a famous person with a Leap Day birthday and find out what year they were born. Then, calculate how many actual Leap Day birthdays they have had compared to their actual age!

Famous people with leap day birthdays:

  • Tony Robbins (motivational speaker)
  • Pedro Sanchez (Prime Minister of Spain)
  • Cullen Jones (Olympic Gold Medalist)
  • Jack Lousma (former NASA astronaut)

Leap Day Craft

Here’s a “hoppy” idea! Create an adorable frog craft and turn it into an easy bulletin board display. Students will practice math skills while writing the different leap years on the frog’s tongue. It’s easy to prep and assemble! There is also a corresponding math activity that is perfect for centers!

Foldable Booklet

If you have time for nothing else on leap day, this foldable booklet is simple and quick to incorporate. Students will learn about leap day, fill in the blanks, and complete a word search. Our simple foldable booklet makes uncovering the secrets of this special day incredibly easy. 

Leap Day is a unique and exciting phenomenon that provides an excellent opportunity for educators to engage students in fun and educational activities. This extra day in the calendar sparks curiosity and allows teachers to incorporate interesting lessons about time, astronomy, and mathematics. I hope you have fun teaching your students about this fascinating holiday!

No Prep Leap Day Activities

Looking for something easy?! These writing prompts, no-prep activities, and time capsule page are perfect! Your class will write about what they think their life will be like in 4 more years. There is a coloring page and calendar page to fill out the dates for February 2024. Finally, there is a 1-page time capsule to hold onto and open next leap year. This no-prep fun is perfect for a low-key leap day celebration!

Looking for more fun February activities? Check out this blog post.

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