5 Ways to Make the Most of a TpT Sale

Ready to get the most bang for your buck with some TpT sale tips? Sitewide sales on Teachers Pay Teachers only come a few times a year. To get the most of the sale, there are few things you can do to be ready to optimize your purchasing power. Today, I’m sharing my top five tips for getting all that you can from a TpT sale!
Did you know that by simply leaving feedback for previous purchases you can get FREE stuff? If you aren’t already doing this (or you haven’t in a while), now is the time to go back and earn your credits! But how?
Start by going to the “My Purchases and Downloads” page.
Click on “Leave a Review”. Note that you must have purchased it more than 24 hours in advance to leave a review. This is to avoid people leaving reviews on resources they haven’t even had the opportunity to look over or use. Side note about that: If you haven’t used a resource yet, don’t feel like you absolutely can’t leave a review. But, be careful about your critic. If you’ve found something wrong or something you are confused about, reach out via a Q&A to the seller before leaving negative feedback.
You will earn 1 credit per $1 you spent.  If a product was $4.75, you will get five credits.  TpT explains it all on your TpT Credit Balance page where you can also check how many credits you currently have.  For every 100 credits, you can apply $5 towards your next purchase! Don’t have 100 credits? No worry!! You can apply less than 100.  For example, 50 credits = $2.50. It is practically free money….and they say nothing in life is free! #sonottrue
You may already be looking at your cart but don’t forget about items you have on your wish list! If you are anything like me, you have a few hundred products on there but most of them are free.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to look through every page to find the items you’d like to purchase!
Go to “My Wishlist” and click “Sort By: Price”
This will place all of your FREE wish listed items at beginning and your purchaseable (is that a word?!) ones at the end.  So you will need to get to the end of your wish list to see the resources you want to move to your cart.
If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can skip through a few pages at a time.  It will still take you a few seconds/minutes depending on how much you have wish listed.  When you get to the final page, your most expensive items will be at the end.
While this isn’t *quite* as simple as the first trick, it still eliminates searching through your wish list for paid items.  (I did email TpT about creating an option to sort by price and they said they are going to look into it!)
Now that you have EARNED all of those credits (see #1), what use are they if you don’t redeem them? Your “My Cart” page has all the options for applying discounts.  You can redeem all of your credits or just a few.  And if you skipped #1, there is a link you can click to learn more about TpT Credits.
Use your gift card(s)!  So this one is pretty subjective because if you don’t have any, obviously you cannot apply them.  But if you do, don’t forget them! I have had one sitting in the bottom of a backpack for about a year.  I have it in a safe spot to use this time around! Or enter a giveaway to try to win one. There are a TON of gift card giveaways on Instagram and Facebook right around TpT sales times.
When you are in “My Cart” Redeem a Gift Card is right below where you use your TpT credits.
This one may seem like a no brainer.  It’s a sale, duh, of course I will remember the code.  But seriously, I have forgotten this more times that I’d like to admit.  With so many amazing stores on sale, and after redeeming gift cards and credits, it is so easy to forget.  So don’t make my mistake!
You can find “Apply a Promo Code” right below “Redeem a Gift Card”.

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Not in the mood to spend? Grab a totally free resource!
What is your favorite sale tip? What product can you not wait to purchase?
Happy shopping!!
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